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Here is some more news about our run #15. It will take place on a private property nearby Tilburg in a town called Hilvarenbeek.There is a large field we can use as a campsite. And one hotel which is approx 1,5 miles away: https://www. hoteltilburg.nl.

Please note: Since we are on a private property which is surrounded by fences, the gate will not be open during the night. The exact time of closing the gate we need to determine.We will rent a large tent for the dj’s where we can dance and party, furthermore we will rent portable toilets and showers. And we will rent much more to make it a perfect weekend on an idyllic location.

Think about a large trash container, power supply, cooling for drinks and so on…For this reason we work with registration beforehand to determine how many people we can have at the new location and how much facilities we need to hire.

You can also pre-order a t-shirt and patch to make sure we have the correct amount and sizes available for you!The weekend date is 10-12 june 2022.If you want to join us on run #15, please fill in the registration form.

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Any questions, just let us know via Facebook

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